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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

string bralette heaven

Blue and White Bra//Gilly Hicks Pink Bra//American Apparel Purple and Lime Lace Bra//Topshop 

Okay, so I have so many string bras I have more than enough to wear a new one everyday for a month. Black is for sure the dominant colour in the collection in a variation of lace and styles. I love how comfortable they are and how pretty they can make a plain top look. I still can't resist and new style, and when we found Gilly Hicks in Kingston I fell in love with this adjustable criss-cross back. They came in several colours and it took me and the girl ages to decide which we wanted! I got this American Apparel bra on a trip to Camden recently for only £10 which I thought was a barg for the store. This Topshop bra is in the sale for £6 at the moment and I couldn't resist this lime green trim. Slightly worrying I've spent £40 on  bras in two weeks when on a student budget. oopsy.


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