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Saturday, 11 January 2014

leopard pyjamas

coat//topshop jeans//new look trainers//topshop PJ top//river island via ASOS

For christmas, my boyfriend got me the leopard print pyjama set from river island which I love so much I couldn't resist wearing the top into Uni today! Today I stole my coat from Sophie and mixed the smarter look with casual, colourful trainers. I've already cracked the sunglasses out in hope of some better weather and sunny days. Also debating whether to dye my hair blonde? I've had ombre hair for years and I really think blonde suits me so much better, need to look got good dyes, anyone have any recommendations? 


  1. hi i love your blog , also to let you know i have also nominated you for the Liebster Award to see more details have a look on xxx

  2. Love your blog, but REALLY love these pyjamas. Great shots of a beautiful model on a sunny winter's day

  3. you are gorgeous!

  4. Love how you incorporated that top into your outfit, that coat is marvellous

    Something about Carey